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A Driving School Franchise with PUPIL-ON-DEMAND™ solution for driving instructors

This is unlike anything you have seen before - you have absolute control!
We do not filter any pupils nor do we allocate them to instructors.

  • You choose the areas you want to cover.
  • You receive details of EVERY PRE-PAID PUPIL in your area.
  • You accept the pupils you want.

Here at we are offering driving instructors ADI franchise. We have developed a sophisticated Pupil-on-Demand™ system that can replace all your driving school marketing efforts which can save you thousands of pounds every year in lost revenue and franchise fees as well as 390 hours of indirect labour! All you have to do is register for online (it takes less than 60 seconds), set up your prefered location, sit back and relax. You will recieve notification of all new pupils that make an offer which match your preferences. That's it!

How LessonsPerHour can minimise new learner driver acquisition costs for your driving school?


1. Register with LessonPerHour & get connected instantly to a LIVE campaign!

Sign up to using the simple user friendly registration page and join the instructors who are already benefiting from some amazing features you will not find anywhere else!


Your account will immediately be set-up to join a LIVE targeted campaign in your chosen postcode areas.


The campaign includes precision marketing focused specifically in your chosen location using the latest strategies and SEO techniques in the industry.



2. Online Marketing - Leave it to the PRO's!

Our expert marketing analysts will design and implement the best social media strategies and Pay Per Click campaigns using the top ranking search engines in order to get quality learner drivers making pre-paid offers to you!



3. Let the learner drivers come to you!

Using our innovative user interface, learners are encouraged to make their very own special introductory offer using the sliding scale which is fun and practical to use.

The learner then secures the offer by making a payment which in turn filters direct through to your dashboard for you to accept and secure the learner.


You will be given first priority to choose the learner offers you want. This means that you no longer have to wait until you are given learners, nor do you have to keep requesting learners. You will have access to them as soon as they come through so you can fill your slots even before they become vacant!



4. Start filling those available slots with pre-paid learner drivers effortlessly!

You can now build and maintain a solid diary simply by clicking 'Accept' on the offers you fancy! We have even developed a built-in a distance calculator for your convenience which shows how far you have to travel to get to learners pick-up point.

It couldn't be simpler!



5. You will get paid instantly!


The funds will be transferred into your account immediately which can be withdrawn at any time.




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